Be A weirdo - Dare to be different !!

Have you ever felt that you don't belong in your workplace ? Or those things are just not how they should be? Or how you find it difficult to blend in? Here I am to remind you that you were never meant to blend in but to stand out.

The Universe created all of us unique with our unique gene structures and unique fingerprints and unique personalities. Because it wanted all of us to be special, to be different, to....

...Think Different....

A lot of our times our younger days is spent in going to school, learning what other people have discovered, what our teachers want us to learn, what our parents want us to do, what our society and culture expects out of us. But we spend very little time discovering really who we are, what do we love, what makes us happy. So as you grow older and experience life, try to learn about yourself as much as possible - your strengths, your weaknesses, your desires, your passions and your goals. Don't do anything just for the sake of doing it or for the sake of financial security but do it to really fulfil your own aspirations. Be brutally honest with yourself. Take your weaknesses and find complimentary strengths. Do it with absolute honesty. You can cheat the whole world but not yourself.

...You can choose to be a king, or just one of the legions

Don’t hide your passions. They’re the key to doing awesome shit. Weirdness is good. It sets us apart and allows us to be wholly different from the rest of the world, while still being innately the same. Humans tend to forget that what makes us weird are the things we are passionate about, and the levels that passion can reach.

People learn to do things by imitation. It’s the surest way to improve your technique and learn the ropes of anything. But the problem with this is that we learn who to be, too. And we learn not to be ourselves. We look at the successful people, the ones who played by the rules and we start to cut out the parts of our lives that don’t match.

When you were a kid, it wasn't like that. When you were a kid, you let your freak flag fly. You did all crazy stuff which made you happy. But when you grow up, you learn to put that side away, to find somewhere to lock it up so you can forget it was ever there. We all go through this. Our passions just stop being important to us.

When you can approach a problem or a challenge from your own individual and singular viewpoint, using your innate weirdness and the personality that sets you apart from anyone else in the world who cannot live inside your head, you’ll reach creativity.
When you attempt to run in sync with what you see as the mainstream, with the worker in the cubicle next to you who always says and does the right thing — rather than the raw thing — you’ll never be able to embrace that creativity.

The best solutions, ideas, products, they don’t come from conventional thinking. They come from a creative twist that only a totally passionate weirdo could have come up with. If you stamp it down, you’ll be suppressing any chance you might have had to be remarkable.

When you’re not trying to hide away the real version of yourself, that’s when you find a way to reach out and connect with other human beings. I’m a huge fan of letting it all out there. Allowing the world to see the real person inhabiting your skin, rather than the image that you want to project. Everything I do is playing out a different part of my personality. But every part is always based on something genuine, something that comes from me. I had so many different personas that I could pick and choose between them for whatever situation I was facing. But in every one of them, I was connected with who I really was. And that’s authenticity.

The people you truly look up to are fully aware of their passions. This is a fact. They could be entrepreneurs and founders, or comic book artists, or speed metal musicians — there is a passionate weirdo behind everything that is creative. If they weren’t, the world would be missing a lot of colour.

You might think that your passions are going to set you too much apart, put up a barrier between you and other people. Generally, that’s not always the case. People will probably find your passion interesting. They will want to learn more. Nobody really gives a shit if you’re in your late 30’s and still play Pokemon. They might not totally get it, but it won’t stop them from respecting you professionally or wanting to associate with you.

Take chances. Embrace what you love. Life is too short to waste while you lock yourself away and pretend your past and your passions never existed. So get out there. And be a weirdo.

Lions don't hunt in packs, Eagles don't fly with Pigeons

Most importantly always remember that the Leader leads and he needs no one to follow him. Just like a Lion doesn't need a hunting mate or an eagle doesn't need a flying partner regardless of how high it soars, have faith in yourself to follow your dreams. It is that unique contribution that you can offer to these human organizations which will make you special. And while you make mistakes, maybe get fired, get socially alienated, forgive yourself for what you do wrong but don't mistrust yourself for what you know is right. Continue to believe in yourself, accept your weaknesses, fears and failures. And grow....

So go out there, be a Tiger.... You don't need anyone to stand by you...